Our Story

The concept and inspiration of Mas Taco Bar came to life when the Wong brothers of Mac Hospitality Group and a longtime friend and real estate broker discussed ways to feature tastes from around the globe. 


The answer: “What better way to feature tastes from around the globe than in a taco?”


Mas Taco Bar features unique, untraditional tacos ranging from pork belly and duck confit, to Korean fried chicken and fried oysters, to name a few. The tacos run the gamut of flavors, and the menu also features appetizers, a handful of “not tacos,” bowls and desserts. The cocktail menu offers specialty margaritas and craft cocktails handmade with fresh ingredients, easily paired with any taco. Of course, the Mas menu includes 25 beers and more than 50 tequilas to explore and taste.


Welcome to the Mas Familia.



christian Palmos

Executive Chef